Serious games

Today’s young people are part of the digital generation: they grew up with a keyboard and computer screen in front of them. Most entertain themselves with video games several times per week.
Video games are also vehicles of learning, and virtual worlds are extraordinary tools for experimenting, exploring and simulating. CREO designers know that a combination of entertaining mediums and educational content makes a winning strategy for helping young people learn about the world they live in.
In other words, with CREO productions, young people learn while having fun playing serious games. CREO Studios has built an enviable reputation in recent years for designing and producing a number of serious games. These games are as popular with players as they are with the institutional content partners involved in their development. The games can take several different forms, such as virtual worlds, quest games, simulators, strategy games, puzzles, and experiments.
  • Découvrez nos productions

    In the thematic lands of GAME FOR SCIENCE, players encounter entertaining games, fascinating information, and engaging videos, all of them science-related.

  • 2k40

    It’s the year 2040 and a mission to Mars is being planned. You are one of the finalists for the mission. You must hold out as long as possible in a survival station submerged in the Saint Lawrence River. Your energy reserve dwindles with every passing minute. Will you be able to rank among the 10 best recruits?

  • Physica

    The Island of PHYSICA presents the game Mecanika, which helps players intuitively learn about concepts in classical mechanics (kinematics and dynamics).

  • mars
    M.A.R.S. Mars Academy of Research and Science

    Rachel the android and the bumbling robot Decobob accompany players in discovering unusual aspects of certain professions in the context of a space mission.

  • 140rana

    A few decades ago, a strange colony of frogs threatened by pollution, global warming and habitat destruction went looking for somewhere to escape impending extinction…

  • Génomia : Nos gnomes experts en génomique

    The island of GENOMIA has been hit by a strange disease that threatens the survival of its inhabitants, a population of garden gnomes…

  • Forestia :

    In this free online simulation and strategy game, players manage a forest according to sustainable forestry principles.

  • Clicmathématique :

    In this quest game, players register for an internship at a virtual big-box retail store. The goal is to advise customers and answer their questions. To do so, players brush up on their mathematics knowledge with the help of short animations, examples and exercises.

  • Le jeu Transforme ta carrière :
    Wetland for Wildlife

    This free online simulation game gives high school students a fun way to learn about environmental careers. Players must transform a mined-out gravel pit into a wetland that can support the return of numerous plant and animal species into the heart of an urban area.

  • recovery
    Recovery Mission

    This free online simulation game challenges players to reintroduce the black-footed ferret into Grasslands National Park.

  • sayansi

    The goal of this simulation and strategy game is to take part in the reconstruction of a fictional African village following a natural disaster, and to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants.

  • Bâtir Montréal
    Building Montreal

    Who says you can’t rewrite history? CREO teamed up with the Pointe-à-Callière museum to finance and produce a simulation game based on Montréal’s history.

  • Une épave raconte :
    A Sunken Ship’s Tale

    Developed by CREO in 2002, this was one of the company’s first interactive online games. Players set off in search of secrets hidden in a shipwreck at the bottom of the St. Lawrence.

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