At CREO, science has many different faces: online games, CD-ROMs, interactive terminals, interactive DVDs, online content, teaching materials, illustrations, 2D and 3D animations, videos, exhibitions, events, and printed material.

Versatile strategists, we work with our clients and partners to choose the vehicle that best suits their needs. In recent years, we have developed an enviable expertise in the field of serious games.

  • Découvrez nos productions
    Serious games

    In recent years, CREO Studios has developed an enviable expertise in this field, designing and producing a number of serious games that are as popular with young people as they are with institutional content partners. Discover them here!

  • Entre les branches / Beyond the trees
    Learning Kits

    CREO has produced a number of learning kits aimed at imparting a passion for science to various audiences. Discover them here!

  • appalaches

    Animation is an extraordinary and entertaining way to visualize complex subjects. CREO can design and produce videos and animated clips that will captivate your target audience.

  • warnex
    Visual communication

    Want to convey a message, explain a concept, or illustrate a trend? CREO can produce images that are worth a thousand words.

  • Vivre dans l'espace

    Over the years, CREO has contributed content and storyboarding to numerous museum productions. Discover them here.

  • nox3

    Want to hold an event that will dazzle your guests? CREO can organize your launch, kiosk, or other event and transform it into a unique and entertaining experience.

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