CREO develops and distributes innovative, multiplatform science popularization products to help its partners enhance their educational, communications and marketing activities.

The company has built a reputation for curiosity, attention to detail, teamwork, and originality. CREO focuses on these core values—which the team calls its “DNA”—to create high-quality innovative multiplatform products. CREO productions combine exciting, engaging presentation with thoroughly validated content, resulting in products that cultivate a taste for discovery and foster understanding. CREO works with businesses, governments, museums, industry taskforces, foundations, and teaching institutions to explore new ways of popularizing science.

CREO offers turnkey production services and has designed or developed a number of large-scale projects. Find out more here.

Recent Projects

A few decades ago, a strange colony of frogs threatened by pollution, global warming and habitat destruction went looking for somewhere to escape impending extinction…

The birth of the Quebec Appalachians: adventuring teens use a time-travelling photo booth to discover how the Appalachian Mountains were formed.

In the thematic lands of GAME FOR SCIENCE, players encounter entertaining games, fascinating information, and engaging videos, all of them science-related.