We are, first and foremost, scientific communicators. Which is why the most important thing—your science content—is always at the very heart of our creative process. We know how to make information accessible and engaging by creating interactive, original experiences that people find meaningful and powerful. We also have a well-earned reputation for versatility, allowing us to select the medium that best suits your content, target audience, budget, and deadline.
At CREO, we invite all our experts and artists to the table right from a project’s first brainstorming session. The team constantly encourages a high degree of creativity from both the design team and the programming team. By having the entire team take part in all design and production stages of a project, we can make the best possible use of everyone’s expertise at exactly the right time. This helps us create an experience that corresponds to the precise needs of your target audience and meets the very latest in design, integration and web programing standards.