Our genetic code

The four bases of CREO’s DNA are curiosity, rigour, excellent teamwork, and originality.

  • C for curiosity: To elicit curiosity and understanding, science content is at the heart of all CREO productions, which use game technology to present that content in a stimulating, engaging and entertaining fashion. Curiosity is also what drives our team to keep abreast of advances in science and technology and to stay informed of our clients’ needs and achievements, so that we get better at what we do every day.
  • R for rigour: CREO’s expertise and reputation are built on our team’s attention to detail. We meticulously validate content quality, interactivity and visuals. Rigour also means respecting our commitments to other team members, partners, suppliers and clients.
  • E for excellence in teamwork: With a dynamic, committed, passionate, and competent team that can work together toward a common goal, excellence invariably emerges.
  • O for originality: CREO explores new ways of communicating science to enhance the activities of its clients and partners. Our approaches are steeped in originality, creativity and technological innovation.